The Official Beach Boys Coloring Book: All Summer Long Bundle (Limited to 200)

Set a towel down on the sand, grab some paint, pencils and crayons and get ready to bring your own unique color to the classic harmonies of The Beach Boys in...The Official Beach Boys Coloring Book!

With over 100 million records sold, and albums consistently regarded as the greatest ever made, The Beach Boys have forever changed the music world–And now they're changing the way you color!

This book is a tidal wave of 72 pages, each paying loving homage to the wide array of sights and sounds of the band’s music, their magical harmonies and eclectic artistry. Each artwork encapsulates the iconic essence of the band, while providing an original spin to bring a smile to old and new fans alike. And you don't have to color in silence because this book includes a specially made QR code that links to a custom Beach Boys playlist on Spotify!

This All Summer Long Bundle includes a copy of the coloring book alongside:

• Beach Boys Ceramic Mug which features original artwork matching the aesthetic of the book, simply perfect for that morning espresso on the beach (or the beach in your heart!)
• Beach Boys Sticker Sheet featuring five stickers of each of the boys cruisin’ in colorful hot rods. Stick ‘em on your notebooks, laptops or surfboards! (Not waterproof!)
• Beach Boys Collectible Enamel Pins with exclusive designs and high quality printing, you’ll not want to miss out on these!
• Beach Boys ‘Little Froot Scoup’ Decorative Cereal Box full of humorous references to the vast ocean of Beach Boys lore and discography!

So crank up the good vibrations and celebrate the reigning kings of surf rock in your own colors with The Official Beach Boys Coloring Book!

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