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Vinyl Lover's Bundle - The Official Graphic Novel: Becoming Ninja Sex Party (Limited to 150)

Picking up from the fated handshake of Part I...Dan and Brian continue their epic story in...

Becoming Ninja Sex Party: The Graphic Novel Part II!

An American rock band with a flare for musical comedy, Ninja Sex Party has released 7 original albums, 3 cover albums, over 50 music videos, and have amassed over 290 million views on Youtube. We explored their fascinating origins in Ninja Sex Party: The Graphic Novel Part I, now the explosive finale is finally here!

As with Part I, this monumental conclusion to the story was written based on in-depth personal interviews with band members Dan Avidan and Brian Wecht, fully colored, and sure to make you laugh, cry, and feel all* the feels! Part II continues the tale of Ninja Sex Party’s saga, as we delve further into the relatable struggles and joys of a rising band, exploring the (then) uncharted waters of YouTube, learning a creative, collaborative process–all while juggling family, work and life’s unexpected detours.

The Vinyl Lover’s Bundle includes a copy of the graphic novel alongside a collector’s edition of the “Danny Don’t You Know” 7-inch vinyl single! This record includes the classic song we know and love, plus the never-released demo version! And to top it off, you’ll either receive the Danny Sexbang Edition Blue Vinyl or the Ninja Brian Edition Yellow Vinyl. The edition you receive is selected at random, making for a very sexy surprise!

Celebrate the story of one of the greatest comedy bands of the last 20 years as they become Ninja Sex Party in Becoming Ninja Sex Party: The Graphic Novel Part II!

*Feels may vary.
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